UHasselt Capture The Flag 2021


All UHasselt students of Computer Science, in teams of 3-4. Mixing between years of study is allowed.
Like many events this year, the UHCTF2021 will be online-only.
Wednesday, May 12th, 2021, right before a 4-day weekend! Keep in mind that any lost project hours (PSOPV, practicum, etc.) must be caught up at a different time.
13:00 - 13:10: Welcome
13:10 - 19:30: CTF (+-6.5h)
19:30 - 19:40: Short break
19:40 - 20:00: Prize ceremony
  • All team members have registered and joined the team.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Food & drinks ready to go.
  • Use of Kali Linux is encouraged.
Food & Drinks
No catering this year, and no fixed break during the CTF. Just take breaks whenever you want. For the full experience, order pizza!

Warm-up challenges

We prepared some challenges for you, so you can get a feel for what to expect, or if you already know what to expect, to warm up! Don't just think "I don't need these warm-up challenges", because their flags are worth points already! The challenges are also live on the actual platform. So register now, create a team and get those early points in!
Warm-Up Challenge #1
Caesar found this text at the base of his salad... He tried in four different ways, but was unable to find out what it means. Can you help? ZYlHZID7hLNleA5tfqgxeBQxD29zDL0=
Warm-Up Challenge #2
That's a weird file. Mmmmm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I want to participate?
  • For students yet undecided on which master profile(s) to choose, this is a great chance to get a taste of the Networking & Security profile. Have you ever considered a career in ethical hacking, incident response, or malware analysis? There is a big demand in all of these fields.
  • The UHCTF is a stepping stone towards larger CTF's, like the CSCBE and Google CTF, which help you meet some of the best employers in the industry, and which offer amazing prizes for the winners, like a trip to the US, or a helicopter flight with Belgian Defense.
  • Each year, we have some prizes for the winning teams, and a goodie for everyone.
  • Free food and unlimited free drinks! Sorry, online-only this year.
  • It's fun!
But I know nothing about cyber security.
No specific technical knowledge is required, any 1st bachelor can participate. Many of the challenges are aimed towards novices, and hints are available for the more difficult challenges. The UHCTF is just as much a playground as it is a proving ground. The main purpose is to learn to hack, and to have fun while doing it.
Do I have to prepare?
No. You could boot up a VM with Kali Linux, the de facto OS for hackers, but it is not required to participate. The more technical challenges will often include a quick guide on how to use the relevant tools, and like any CTF, we allow free access to the internet during the competition, so no need to study anything.




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EDM performs research in computer science since 1987.
Our research focuses on three core competences: 'Visual Computing', 'Networked and Secure Systems' and 'Human-Computer Interaction'. We are active in the full range of the research continuum: from fundamental to basic & applied research as well as contract R&D. EDM's key objective is to be a leading research institute in human-computer interaction, computer graphics, networked systems, computer vision and virtual environments.

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